Use search when you know what are looking for, but don't know from where.

For example, I know I have a device name that starts with THINK, I can't remember what exact name it is and I just want to see what data do I get

A faster way to filter the data that you are looking for is to **** use "where".


🔍Search everything and not case sensitive

search "*think*"

This will return all the results that contain think (not case sensitive) from all columns and all tables

🔍Search matched words with case sensitive

search kind=case_sensitive "THINK460"

🔍Search from specific tables

search in (IntuneDevices, UCClient) "THINK460"

🔍Search the value from the specified columnIntu

// Some code
| search DeviceName: "THINK"

🔍Search begins with and starts with

// Search startswith
| search * startswith "THINK" 

//Search endswith
| search * endswith "01" 

🔍Search combined logically

| search * endswith "01" and ("Windows" or "iOS")

🔍Search with regex

| search DeviceName matches regex "[A-Z]-"

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